Last year, I tested and reviewed the 2016 Impact Sport Earmuffs from Howard Leight. A great set of earmuffs that I still use to this day. In fact, I’ve purchased a couple additional pairs that I keep in my range loadout bag. My two sons usually accompany me and I wanted the best for their ears as well. While running between meetings at SHOT Show, I noticed a familiar set of earmuffs on display at the Howard Leight / Honeywell booth. Well, looks can be deceiving. Although the outward appearance of these new and improved earmuffs seem to be the same as last years model, the entire analog based technology has been gutted and replaced with digital circuitry. This is the new 2017 Howard Leight Impact Sport Bolt Electronic Earmuffs.

New digital compression circuitry has boosted the Attack Time to a lightning fast .5 milliseconds! That’s 250 times faster than its predecessor making the Impact Sport Bolt the fastest reacting electronic earmuffs on the market. Which is great news for your hearing. This new circuitry effectively blocks both continuous and impulse noise 82 dB or higher. Another advantage to the new digital guts is the ability to amplify ambient sound up to 5x. Essentially affording the wearer super-human hearing. Great for sportsman and hunters alike.

The same slim earmuff design houses the new circuitry retaining the versatility found in the previous Impact Sport earmuff. Powered by (2) AAA batteries and with the help of a 4 Hr auto shut off, the Impact Sport Bolt defines longevity boasting a 150 Hr battery life. Like it’s predecessor, the Impact Sport Bolt features a compact folding design, water resistance, easy access to the battery compartment and a soft leatherette headband. Included in the box are an AUX cable with in-line mic, extra ear cushions, batteries and a belt clip. MSRP is $120 (can be found for less at retailers) and is available in April 2017. It’s a lot less expensive than a suppressor and requires zero waiting period. So it may be time to look into upgrading your current set of earmuffs. Your ears will thank you.

Chris Leight describing the Impact Sport Bolt Electronic Earmuffs at SHOT Show

Another interesting item I saw at the Howard Leight booth were protective shooting glasses by UVEX featuring HydroShield lens technology. The protective glasses were displayed atop a cauldron of steam (seen off to the right in the video at 1:16) demonstrating the glasses unique ability to defeat fogging up. At $18.99, there’s no reason not to have several pairs of these so you ‘re never left without eye protection. I was really impressed and look forward to testing these very affordable HydroShield lenses in the future.