Simpler is often times better. Many people don’t need as much knife as they think they do. Weight quickly adds up, and while a knife is perhaps one of the most important tools you can carry, you don’t need to carry around a half pound of steel to get what you need accomplished. It is of-course all situationally dependent on what you do. But I believe that you’ll find that the Hultafors Mountain Knife gives you precisely what you need for most situations.

The knife is simple, it consists of Japanese Carbon Steel hardened to 58–60 HRC and honed in a multilayered sharpening process for a precise and even bevel. The grind used is a Scandinavian flat grind which is well suited to the purpose of this knife. This grind allows for easy and exact sharpening of your blade and helps to ensure that you have an even bevel across the length of the blade. A sharp knife is a safe knife and I’ve little doubt that the scandi grind helps with this. The blade features a rust proof electrophoretic (EPD) coating to withstand corrosion. And in my testing I’ve found it to be extremely resilient to corrosion and wear. The blade includes a portion to use as a striker on a ferro rod as well. A simple inclusion that gives you a lot more use from the blade.

Hultafors Mountain knife

The handle is a modified Polypropylene plastic (PP) which is virtually slip proof and was also designed to withstand harsh winters in the North. In my testing it has functioned extremely well and with a slip proof grip I find that I have to grip a lot less hard which leads to less fatigue, and more precise cutting. A winning combination in my book.

Knives are important. The Hultafors Mountain knife is a fantastic simple design that gives you a knife that will serve you well in the woods or at home. I’ve no doubt that it will last you a long time. The features that the Hultafors Mountain knife are simple, to the point, and give you exactly what you need and nothing more. For a light weight mountain knife I doubt you can do much better.