It is commonly known that cuts to the face bleed profusely. What is not common knowledge is specific spaces on the face, that when targeted, bleed out the most if said effect is being actively perused.

Cuts from a knife, a sharp object or striking can be a fight ending option if you target specific branching off areas of arteries and venal passages that are spread on the face and head. You can also aid in the effect from always following any sort of cut or pluck with a slap or finger scraping to open or separate the entry wound and speed up the effect. Target above and around the the eyes. More specifically target the right eye since most are right eye dominant. If you only have one shot make it count by blinding and taking away the opponents ability to perceive depth. ( Keep in mind this is a maiming level option).

Author – Ed is a security specialist and combatives instructor with over 10 years experience in public safety along the northern border area of Mexico. He runs seminars and private training specific to anti-abduction, escapology, free hand and unconventional edged weapons work. He is also director of Libre Fighting Systems in Mexico.