I am the guy at work that needs a cup of coffee before I can engage in any conversations in the morning. In fact most of my partners at work, on the ambulance, know not to talk to me in the morning until we get to stop for coffee and it needs to happen before the sun comes up. I came upon the problem though that I would get that hallowed cup of coffee first thing in the morning but before I would have to chance to take more than a few delicious sips….. The tones would go off and the next time I would see that cup of magic would be thirty minutes later at the hospital. At which time it is cold and the cycle starts again.

My future wife was actually the one to find the Hydro Flask coffee mug for me and possibly my favorite piece of gear. I was skeptical at first who wouldn’t be?  Right on the front of the mug the sticker states “HOT FOR SIX HOURS”!!! Yeah right… But you would be surprised that Hydro Flask keeps their promises and attached a Lifetime Warranty with all purchases. Now you may think… Ben if I am going to spend thirty dollars on a coffee cup it better read the news to me in the morning. What I can promise you is that you will not be disappointed.

No one really wants to have to suck down their favorite beverage, hot or cold, in the first ten minutes because they think it will be ruined after. Whether you spend all day in the ambulance, squad car, fire engine, or in your car driving to work you will quickly fall in love with not only Hydro Flask’s coffee mug, but also with their other products. I have quickly become a collector of their forty ounce water bottle and their 16 ounce True Pint glass. They are truly expanding the market on temperature control for your beverages.

Hydro Flask | Insulated Stainless Steel Drinkware

These products are up to whatever task you throw at them. Obviously the reader’s on this site are not looking for something that will need to be replaced every couple of months. You will be surprised that such a light weight beverage container can take the abuse that a long-lasting product endures. If you are like me and take my coffee cup everywhere, you’ll eventually end up with multiple dents and scratches on it. Yet there will be no loss in performance through these products, so make sure to think long and hard about what color you want because you will be staring at it for long time to come.

Hydro Flask | Insulated Stainless Steel Drinkware

Before you complain about the price check out GovX.com that provides a lot of great deals to military, Fire/EMS, and LEO. It is very easy to sign up and you will find a good discount with free shipping during the holidays.

Author – Ben Villano served as an Infantryman and Team leader with 1stBN/1stMAR and deployed twice overseas during his four years of service.  Not one of your average super sneaky squirrels but still more than the average veteran.  After the military Ben is currently working as a 911 Paramedic in Northern California. Ben’s specialty is finding great gear with a small paycheck and a little bit of DIY to top it off. When Ben is not at work he is probably planning his upcoming wedding, drinking, or both.