Perhaps the best description of this flask is its ability to get baked in my truck, I mean to the point that the exterior of the bottle is hot to the touch, but still keeps the liquid inside incredibly cool. Like it will kind of trip you out how cool it stays. This flask is the “Fonzie” of water bottles.

One of my favorite things to do as a Sniper Instructor was to get out to the stalking fields early, post my self up in some rocks or bushes and enjoy my morning coffee. In these situations, the ones where you wouldn’t expect to have a comfort moment, I’ve created some of my favorite memories.

I continue this pursuit of unlikely comfort to this day, so I really appreciate good thermoses and bomb-proof travel mugs and I’ve found one of my favorites so far. The Hydro Flask.

Here are the useful specs:

  • Double Wall Vacuum Insulated

  • Keeps Hot 12 Hours

  • Keeps Cold 24 Hours

  • BPA-Free

  • 18/8 Stainless Steel

  • Lifetime Warranty

You can get the Hydro Flask in a variety of colors, but I like the Tactical Line colors:

  • Nite Ops Black

  • Foliage Green

  • Desert Tan

  • Coyote Brown

Check it: Hydro Flask