MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – Firefield is adding to their brand with the new Shooting Stick. The ideal monopod to pair with any rifle, the Firefield Monopod Shooting Stick is a great tool to keep your firearm stable while hunting or shooting at the range. The Firefield Monopod Shooting Stick (FF35009) features a cork grip with a wrist loop to provide superior comfort and control while the shooting rest allows you to hold your firearm firmly without scratching any metal surfaces.

Firefield’s Monopod Shooting Stick is made from aluminum with a carbide tip, rubber boot and trekking basket enabling it to adjust to any terrain – snow, mud, gravel, rocks and grass. The stick is compatible with cameras and other accessories with a pre-installed camera bolt. The telescoping feature allows you to adjust the height of the shooting stick for optimal shooting and comfort.

Improve Your Accuracy with Firefield’s New Monopod Shooting Stick

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