The world of self-defense and prepping requires us to keep our eye out for anything that could serve more than one purpose; especially when it comes to using things as weapons.

The UST Spork Multi-Tool cost less than $3 at Wal-Mart. I found it in the camping department. It is s solid piece of aluminum and has a unique shape that lends itself to being held in your hand in both directions. There are cut-outs for uses as a wrench, bottle opener, and edges to be used as a flat head screwdriver and of course a spoon or fork (spork). It also comes with a small carabiner that allows you to attach it to your key chain or pants belt loop.

Improvised Weapons – The UST Spork Multi-Tool

Now when you teach combatives, as I do, and when you have faced a few bad guys as a law enforcement officer and special events security professional, you see what others may not. When I saw this little tool I immediately perceived it as being a very useful and discreet non-dedicated or improvised weapon.

This tool may be held in your hand and used to strike the throat, eyes, temple, ears, or under the chin. Something like this might not seem to be able to do much damage but used correctly it can blind or even possible kill an attacker.

Improvised Weapons – The UST Spork Multi-Tool
UST Spork in the hand

I teach a course strictly in the use of improvised weapons and how to locate them anywhere and everywhere. Once you have been trained in the fundamentals of using an impact weapon or edged weapon, you then can see the limitless possibilities of everything around you in the natural world.

Look for more articles on improvised weapons and their uses coming at you in the future. Even though I like to have the advantage over the attacker, I still enjoy being discreet about it!