First off, I wanted to thank my bro Clayton for getting these boots for me, and I want to thank INOV-8 as well for sending us three pairs of boots and shoes to rate. So, let’s get into talking about this boot. In the short YouTube video I did a quick assessment of the boot and by leaning on my background with footwear I knew this was going to be a model that I instantly liked. This boot is a transition between a running shoe and a walking boot.  The company designed this boot for people who intend to move quickly and efficiently over mixed terrain.


I wore the boots everywhere. It didn’t matter if I was wearing it to wash the car on top of concrete or taking it out for a long hike on rocky trail. I put this boot to the test. Right off the bat I liked the look and thankfully the fit was perfect.  They are very stylishly designed with clean and simple lines; looks good when worn with jeans, tactical style trousers, or even your shorts.

I liked the softness of the thin outer material The boots are made with a lightweight, breathable, mesh upper that encapsulates the foot yet isn’t too restrictive when your foot undulates as it strikes the ground. There is minimal internal movement.  I didn’t even bother to break them in. They felt very comfortable over my toe box, mid-foot and heel. The shoes can be ordered in a standard fit or a wider fit for those who want to avoid slippage or tightly fitting boots. The boot’s support should be good enough for most people.

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