A former Instructor of the 5th Assault Battalion, Italian Military – Folgore Parachute Brigade, Instructor Zero has loads of experience when it comes to Tactical Shooting.
Here is what we can share about Instructor Zero’s bio:

  • Bachelor Degree: Investigation and Security Sciences – 110\110 cum Laude
  • Former Instructor 5th Assault Battalion, Italian Military – Folgore Parachute Brigade
  • CEO: OUTCOMES Security & Defence Advisors
  • President/Head Instructor: Spartan 360 Tactical Defence Group
  • Strategic design, analysis, study & implementation of security protocols for three high security clearance sites relating to I*** (Highest National Clearance)
  • Clinical Professor:  University level, Sciences for Investigations and Security, Italy
  • Chief Security Architect and Current Security Operations Director holding one of the Highest Security Levels for a Civil Industrial Site in Italy


As a Tactical Shooting Instructor myself, I cannot believe the speed and accuracy demonstrated by Instructor Zero. Everyone who has been downrange knows how important it is to have good reflexes. The most important thing is to be able to respond quickly and efficiently by delivering a good amount of bullets downrange.

There is only one way to achieve the speed and accuracy of Instructor Zero – spend countless hours at the range while going through thousands of rounds. One thing remains important, though: you have to master the technique before trying to get faster.

While Instructor Zero is a professional, I can guarantee any of you that by working hard and spending time at a range, you will be able to achieve his drills! Your time might be a bit slower, but as I said, once you master the technique, you can work on your speed.


Practice makes perfect, they say, but keep security in mind. Instructor Zero is a professional!

Here’s the link to Instructor Zero Youtube channel!