Here’s another video of Instructor Zero. It is a fast shooting compilation hosted by Funker530.

I had the opportunity to talk with Instructor Zero a few times and this guy is humble, honest and will not sit on his skills. As he told me: “I am an eternal learner. The day I will stop learning is the day I will die.”

Make a lot of sense to me. We should all take this lesson and apply it everyday.

No matter what people call him, Instructor Zero stays cool and keeps doing his thing.

As a matter of fact, Instructor Zero will be in Poland to train with the Polish Formoza at the turn of September and October. What amazes me the most that the entire profit from the training will go to foundations helping military families and veterans. He is also scheduled to come to the US in the fall/winter.

Stay tuned for the announcement of his US tour and for what foundation he will handout his profits. We are working hard to get him to train with some of our friends!

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