Not so long ago, we took shotgun shells out of PALS webbing loops one at a time. This was ok for breeching where you only need a few rounds, but the shotgun is enjoying a renascence of relevance and versatility. The low-capacity, slow-loading shotgun is old news. New shotguns hold lots of rounds, and competition-developed techniques are faster than ever.

Kevin Pratt at Invictus Practical has come up with a complete line of shotshell loaders optimized for modern loading techniques. When you are ready to step up to Load-2 or Quad-load, Invictus is waiting with a rugged and specifically designed caddy which positions the shells precisely where you need them.

The 2-Point 8ight is an eight-round shotshell caddy system that is compact and works for Quad-Load and Load-Two techniques.

2 Point 8ight
2 Point 8ight


2-Point 6ix
2-Point 6ix

The 2-Point 6ix is spaced a little wider and is more suitable for Load-Two.

The caddy attaches to an ELS #34 fork or Tek-Lok at two points via an adapter that provides a full 360˚ of rotation in 15˚ increments, combining unprecedented stability with extraordinary flexibility. The mounting system is so versatile, you can use whatever you have and mount it on whatever you want.

attachment angles


I have been shooting 3-gun for several years and have constantly struggled with shotgun reloads. I started with side saddles and double shell holders. I found California Competition Works shell caddies, and while they are super, you have to grab three or four shells in your hand and load them one at a time. I have watched other competitors in matches make the switch to the dual and quad loading. I thought their caddies looked fragile and it seemed that some guys were frequently dropping shells. The favored strong side loading technique involved turning the gun upside down on your shoulder and going completely administrative to load. Not for me.

I started watching YouTube videos and saw the support side loading technique where the gun is merely canted. Now they had my interest. A buddy of mine on the national 3-gun circuit showed me his Invictus Practical caddies. They were rugged and well-designed. I checked the website and exchanged emails with Kevin. He was knowledgeable and helpful. I ordered a 2-Point 8ight and a 2-Point 6ix cadddies.

After receiving them I opened the boxes and took a few minutes to look at everything. The options for installation can be a little overwhelming. I decided on a left handed ELS vertical setup with a slight cant. The directions are pretty clear, but I prefer the video. Bonus soundtrack.

Assembly is easy, childhood experience with erector sets is helpful. The quality of the workmanship and materials is excellent. The base and cross plates are made of hard anodized 6061-T6 aluminum, the hardware is 18-8 stainless steel. The shell holding clips are very solid laser cut Delrin mounted with bolts and nuts. Multiple mounting holes in the plates allow you to set the carriers at any angle you want. The mount was rock solid on my Safariland ELS Competition Belt.

The Delrin clips hold the shells firmly, but they release cleanly when you grab them. Running and movement don’t make the shells pop out. I wouldn’t want to do individual movement techniques with these, but if you position them with a little thought, you can go prone and maneuver.

The spacing of the 2-Point 8ight is gooddesigned with care so you don’t unintentionally hit the next row when grabbing your shells. The rows are staggered in height so it is easy to select exactly what you want.

I didn’t have much experience with load two so I spent a lot of time working with my new caddies. My club got a skeet kicker from Black Sheep Manufacturing which is activated by a falling popper.

This was the perfect drill for load two. After shooting, I reset the targets and loaded two on the move back to the 15 yard line to shoot again. I went through half a case of skeet and the 2-Point 6ix was clean and intuitive. I was able to load in less than half the time over single loading.

I went on to quad loading with 2-Point 8ight, but my skills have not caught up. The caddy is easy to use but not so easy that you can quad load without more practice than I have now. I am still using dummy rounds in the garage for that drill.

Kevin keeps coming up with new products. He has different models which match evolving shooting methods. Check his site and see what works for you. Whatever style you decide on, there is an Invictus configuration that is designed for it. Need advanced shotgun loading techniques? Invictus is ready with a caddy designed to develop your new skills.

All the products offered by Kevin at his website.

Behold the awesome new 12Q caddy…



The Invictus Practical line of shotshell caddies was designed from the ground-up to be the best performing, most versatile, and highest-quality competition kit available at any price – period. I believe the result is just that, and am proud to offer you my best, so you can make your best – better. Thanks for your interest, good luck, and good shooting!
– Kevin Pratt, Invictus Practical, LLC