A computer developer has put together an app, combined with a round that contains a laser (actuated by the firing pin), and a target like contraption that you dry fire with. Once you have calibrated your phone in the cradle that comes with the contraption onto the target that the phone will be sitting in front of, you can dry fire at the target with the laser round in the chamber, and the phone will register the placement of hits on the actual target, from the laser.

The dry firing of the firearm will actuate the laser in the dry fire round for a second, while the phone will capture the exact placement of the laser on the target and record it, both recording it once for the single shot, but also recording every other shot taken previously. So you can have a sort of dry fire group as it were. This is almost as if SIRT guns meet phone technology, similar to the German coach we blogged about previously that uses a laser affixed to the end of his competitors air rifles, so he can watch their fundamentals at work. If you are interested in the setup, the individual has an IndieGoGo campaign set up, where there are different options to select as to how to help fund the product.

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(Featured image courtesy of thegadgetflow.com)