Jack Murphy’s incredible career has spanned years and continents. From his time as an Army Ranger and Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, to his his post-military career as an investigative journalist, Jack has demonstrated his ability to perform at the highest levels in the most daunting of circumstances–and now, you can read about his experiences all over the world in his new memoir, “Murphy’s Law.”

Grab Jack’s book from AmazonBarnes and Noble, or wherever books are sold, but until then, take a look at Jack’s loadout from his days as a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant below!

  • M4 w/EO Tech, LA-5, Pentagon Light, Magpul stock, SOPMOD foregrip
  • 6x additional 5.56 magazines
  • M9 pistol
  • Safariland drop holster
  • Sordins
  • 4x additional 9mm magazines
  • Mossburg 500 12-guage shotgun
  • Approx. 12 additional 12-guage rounds
  • MICH helmet
  • PVS-14’s
  • 5x Flashbangs
  • 1x Fragmentation grenade
  • MBITR radio
  • Flexcuffs
  • Merrill boots
  • Penflare gun and flares
  • spare batteries
  • Camelbak
  • Platecarrier w/ sideplates
  • pistol belt w/E&E kit (small knife, blood chit, compass, signal scarf, IR chemstick spinner, red light LED, survival tin)
  • translation cards, calculator, pen, paper in Admin pouch
  • Thermite grenade
  • ATS medical pouch (tourniquet, curlex, Israeli dressing, pill pack, needle and seal for tension pneumothorax procedure)
  • Surefire helmet light
  • Oakley M-Frames
  • Maxpedition dump pouch-Usually we wore Multi-Cam but transitioned to Iraqi MARPAT knockoffs to blend it with our FID force. I’d wear some of my own stuff just to mess with my Team Sergeant though!

“As the deployment wore on I dropped a lot of the crap and just started wearing concealable body armor and a HSGI warlord chestrig. Whatever you can get away with…” Jack explains.