Edged Weapons. There is a ton of content on the internet regarding the use of edged weapons and the many different designs of edged weapons. So much so that those that are not as knowledgeable are taking what amateurs are saying as gospel. I’m not saying I’m an expert, but I have a few guys in the industry that I follow online, ask questions when I don’t know something and have trained with. If you’re truly seeking to learn the use of edged weapons in a combative situation, then you need to seek reputable instruction and instructors. One of those dudes in the industry that knows his stuff is James Williams. Take a look at the following two videos as James drops some knowledge on edged weapons.

The CRKT Hissatsu is one of James Williams signature designs. Although it’s not a fixed blade, it’s got a pretty rock solid operation. Check it out!

Featured image courtesy of James Williams Facebook page

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