Custom maker Glenn Waters is releasing his Viper and Hayabusa designs as mid-techs knives under a new brand called Glenn-Tech Knives. An Australian living in Japan, Waters has spent the last 25 years creating sought-after, ornate custom knives. Glenn-Tech Knives is a major change of pace that will introduce Waters’ work to an entirely new market of buyers at a much lower price point.

The Hayabusa’s 2.95-inch tanto blade has a long recurve and a pronounced secondary edge. “Hayabusa is a Peregrine Falcon,” Waters tells us. “Small, but fast and deadly.” The front-flipper has a swooping, continuous curve from blade to handle, reminiscent of a falcon’s dive. The Hayabusa’s blade is built for combat, but Waters says it lends itself to EDC as well as other tasks. “While [it’s] at home as a fighter, it also makes a good steak knife, and my doctor friend says it would be a good emergency surgery knife.”

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Photo courtesy of Knife News