This isn’t the first time I’ve seen the name Jedburgh associated with tactical gear, but it’s one of my favorite references. The Jedburgh teams were Special Ops before Special Ops really existed. These guys worked with the OSS and Resistance forces around WW2 to kill Nazis at the cyclic rate. They operated behind enemy lines, with a very covert nature. This makes the Jedburgh Cover Shirt very appropriately named.


The Jedburgh Cover Shirt

RE Factor Tactical has shown their heads around here before and they make some outstanding gear. The Jedburgh cover shirt is their first entry into the world of concealed carry shirts. The Jedburgh cover shirt is low profile garment designed for shooters. The shirt is perfect for plain clothes duty of EDC. It’s an athletic cut shirt and I suggest ordering a size up, it does fit a little tight. However, it is exceptionally comfortable.

The front of the shirt is a stiffer, reinforced material that doesn’t lump or sag. This cuts down on printing, especially if you carry appendix. The sides and rear of the shirt are a flexible spandex-like material that moves and grooves as you move and groove. This allows excellent range of movement and extreme comfort. The material wicks sweat away from the body and in June in Florida, I’ve been appreciative.

The reinforced front of the Jedburgh cover shirt makes it easy to grab and move to draw a concealed firearm. The snap-style buttons give way easy enough and allow you to quickly defeat the garment and get to your gun.

The Inside is what Counts

The Jedburgh Cover shirt sports 4 pockets but you can only see one of them. Another hides inside the shirt over the breast and two additional pockets are in the appendix area of the front of the shirt. Here you can stash badges, ideas, and cash separate from your wallet. They are also large enough to fit a pack of combat gauze, a RATs tourniquet, and other small items.

These three pockets are secured via a zipper and are all easy to access, but also invisible.

On the Range

Practicing my draw from concealment showed me how versatile this shirt is. The thicker front portion is easy to grab and the snap buttons release perfectly to allow you to clear leather. The flex nature of the shirt makes it easy to move and grab the gun as necessary. The same could be said for firing in more awkward positions.

The shirt allows you to move, climb and crawl when necessary. Overall its a very well made and comfortable shirt. It’s also good-looking, and very non-tactical in appearance. I love the way it feels, the way it wears, and the way it performs. It’s an excellent concealed carry summer shirt.

Photos by author