To me, the Jeff White Thumb Skinner is the ideal knife size for most general tasks while out camping, hiking, or hunting. With this knife, you could easily skin and process anything from small game to deer. It also excels at processing tinder and fuel for a fire, whether that’s for the campsite or in a survival situation. I always like to keep a fixed blade in my pack when out on the trail, and this one fits the bill perfectly. Due to its size and weight, you don’t even know it’s there. Jeff White does an amazing job resurrecting 18th-century knife designs. After all, if it worked then, why change it now?

Style of knife: 18th-century reproduction

Blade dimensions: Blade is 3 1/2” long, 1 3/8” wide, and 3/32” (0.094”) thick

Jeff White Thumb Skinner Knife
Thumb Skinner Full Tang Blade

Type of edge: Full-tang knife with flat-ground, durable blade edge

Blade and handle materials: The blade is a high-carbon 1095 steel blade. The advantage of the carbon steel is that you can use quartz to strike against the spine of the blade to produce sparks for a fire. The handle is made from curly maple.

Jeff White Thumb Skinner Knife
Thumb Skinner blade – 3.5″
Jeff White Thumb Skinner Knife
Thumb Skinner handle – curly maple

MSRP: $39.99 for the knife only. $64.99 for the knife with a leather sheath. This knife and many of Jeff White’s other knives can be purchased directly from his website.

Unique features: Each knife is handcrafted and forged by Jeff White in the USA. The thumb ramp on this knife allows for exceptional control. Each knife is hand-stamped with Jeff White’s logo on the tang of the blade.

Application: This knife is best suited for hunting and camp tasks, but you could have a custom Kydex sheath made for this knife and carry it as a defensive weapon if needed. It’s the perfect size for that role.

Pros: With an overall length of 7″ and a blade length of 3.5″, this knife is the ideal size and weight for extended use without fatiguing your hands. Most custom hand-forged knives cost well over $100, but at a price of $64.99 with a quality leather sheath, it can’t be beat! The leather sheath has a nice welt on it, giving you a surface to strop your knife on.

Jeff White Thumb Skinner Knife
Thumb Skinner leather sheath

Cons: This may be a bit small if you have larger hands. Other than that, there is no excuse not to add this knife to your outdoor tool box.

Bottom line: Considering the price you pay, the quality materials you get, and the fact that it is hand-forged in the USA, there is no reason not to purchase this knife. I have no doubt in my mind that this knife is capable of perform any task I throw at it.