While many online have spend considerable time debating the merits and demerits of bump stocks, one of the quickest ways to reductio ad absurdum (reduce to absurdity) the anti-bump stock argument is to point out that a talented shooter with a properly tuned rifle can exceed both the rate-of-fire and lethality generated by a bump stock equipped rifle.  Simply put, one only has to invoke the name “Jerry Miculek”.

Hercules of the shooting world

Jerry Miculek dominates competitions, shatters speed records and spends his free time putting the lie to many gun myths.  The man is a legend, though you’d be hard pressed to figure that out by listening to him talk about himself.

Jerry is aware that his name is used often in the bump stock debate and created a demonstration video to show just how effective he is with, and without a bump stock.  So here it is, Jerry Miculek versus Bump stock.  Check it out!

Rex Nanorum