We all know Jerry Miculek is the fastest gun in the west.  The soft-spoken gentleman from Texas holds 19 world records and has over 100 national and world shooting competition titles.  The man is a legend in the shooting community.

He’s also a bit of a goofball.  If you follow his YouTube account, you’ll see him performing in videos that seem to smash pop culture’s famous firearms with a bit of Mythbusters.  He tests out the bullet resistance of a real-world Captain America shield, spin-cocks the Terminator’s lever-action M1887 lever-action shotgun, and today he demonstrates the world’s fastest six-shot string with a modified Mauser C69.  This specially crafted gun is more famously known as Han Solo’s DL-44 blaster, with which he shot the bounty hunter Greedo, first.

Check out the hilarious video below, complete with multiple guest stars.

Rex Nanorum