Photo courtesy of Knife News

Jesse Jarosz is bringing out the Flare, his first flipper design in years. The new knife departs from Jarosz’s previous work in many ways and is poised to become a permanent addition to his catalog.

Sporting a streamlined profile and a narrow 3.375-inch AEB-L blade, the Flare is a far cry from the hard-use tools that are Jarosz’s stock and trade. “It’s not the super heavy-duty stuff I normally do. I wanted to make something lighter for EDC,” he tells us.

With a reliance on kinetics and fidget factor, flippers suffer more from the dirt and grime of hard cutting. The EDC chores the Flare aims to handle made it a perfect platform for a flipper. Moving away from big cutting jobs also opened the door to the thin, pocket-friendly style Jarosz first played with on the Apple Jack slipjoint. However, he still made sure the Flare’s frame lock mechanism was sturdy and reliable. He also opted for washers over a high-maintenance ball-bearing pivot. “I’m trying to keep things as simple as possible without losing that cool factor of a flipper,” Jarosz explains.

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