(Article courtesy of Tactical Life)

To put it bluntly, poor-fitting uppers and lowers are annoying when you’re working on an AR build. If it’s a loose fit, not only does that cheapen your rifle, it also limits accuracy. What to do? Well, JP Enterprises has a solution with its new MicroFit takedown pins, which the company says will ensure a rock-hard fit and improve even the sloppiest receivers.

The JP Enterprises MicroFit takedown pins come in three sizes: mean, oversized and undersized for the front and rear of the receivers. According to the press release, the mean pins are match standard takedown pin sizes, while the over- and undersized variants are offset slightly over .001 from that size. The pins allow for five different fits, and the maximum loose and tight combs will change the receiver fit dramatically, the company says.

“We’ve been fighting the issue of poor receiver fit for 20 years, which is when our original Tension Pin debuted,” stated JP Enterprises founder John Paul. “Ask any bolt gun shooter. They will tell you that a rifle loose in its stock will not reach its accuracy potential. An AR with a loose upper/lower is no different. The MircoFit pins require no modification to the receiver. They simply replace your current pins.”

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Photo courtesy of JP Enterprises