The real test of a newly designed piece of gear, in my mind, is a two-part question of its function.

  1. Is there currently a problem?
  2. Does this piece of gear solve that problem?

JTACtical identified a problem through his experience as a Law Enforcement Officer and his experiences in the military. The problem was that he was having a hard time finding a good way to securely carry tourniquets on his body armor without sacrificing attributes that were important to him. Having a TQ near the centerline, a universal fit for all plate carriers, flexibility for different types of TQs, and protection from the elements.

JTACtical designed the tuckable tourniquet pouch. It answered the call and solved the issues he was having. It is an excellent option that fits the needs of having TQs readily accessible and protected and it does it without costing you any precious molle space.

Author – Wes Nanny is former Marine with combat deployments to Afghanistan. He is now pursuing a career in law enforcement.