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Just The Tip: Ammunition, Chambering, Checking, and Problems
Richard Kilgore

While it’s unlikely that we get to choose the time and place of a gunfight unless we’re the aggressor, there are certainly some things that we can control, and care of ammunition is one of them. This piece isn’t so much about what kind of ammunition to use, but how to ensure that whichever defensive rounds you choose have the best chance at ignition (and hopefully successful target penetration, preferably making a solid CNS hit). With that in mind, we bring a pair of tips foraged from the great wide world of the internet. Except this advice isn’t coming from rando gun forums, but people that we know and respect. Without further ado:

JTT: Ammunition, Chambering, Checking, and Problems

Claude Werner, The Tactical Professor shared this on his Facebook page a couple days ago:

I was asked about the system I use to make sure duty ammunition doesn’t get chambered excessively. This is important for people who unload their pistol daily because of children in the home. Priming compound can disintegrate when chambered excessively. A local officer found this out the hard way. Fortunately, he was not injured in the confrontation.

The system is simple. The base of the cartridge gets a mark before I chamber it. When it has four marks, it goes to the bottom of the magazine. When all the rounds in the magazine have four marks, I shoot it up and reload the magazine with fresh ammunition. There’s no magic to the number four. It’s just what I picked.

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