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Just The Tip: Get a Grip
Dave Merrill

Stippling is awesome. That is, it can be. If you DIY, not only may you end up futzing up your frame completely, it can end up being fugly. For the latter, take Gorillafritz’s example as seen in a special issue of RECOIL magazine:

JTT: Get a Grip

There are certainly commercial options for those lacking any artistic talent and who actually care what the output looks like. I’ve never seen bad work from Boresight Solutions or SSVi. Furthermore, they can perform grip reductions, finger groove removal, and all manner of extras.

JTT: Get a Grip

Still, these services are expensive, and over time even the most aggressive stippling will wear down. The ‘Easy Button’ answer for me was the Glock RTF2. Straight from the factory it comes with a texture aggressive enough to wear through a cover garment and maybe make a hand bleed during gun grabs on force-on-force. Unfortunately, these are no longer available as factory options (though the limited Vicker’s special editions do indeed sport RTF2 frames).

So you want some extra grip, don’t have the extra coin, and don’t want something ugly? Let’s talk grip tape.

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