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JTT: Your Home Battle Stations
Dave Merrill

I have little doubt that most of our readers have a plan for a home invasion. There’s probably an alarm, a gun, perhaps even some cameras (because for real, if I zap a dude fifteen times in my house, I want it on video).

But what about the more mundane and boring? Like fires?

Our training and thought processes tend to create bias toward home invasions. Perhaps it’s because we perceive it to be the most dangerous concern; mano a mano with guns in your homestead is a scary thing indeed. And yes, you should absolutely have a home invasion plan–but that’s not the only thing you should have. Let’s look at some numbers.

The 2015 FBI Crime Report states there were 284,772 robberies in the United States with 46,991 inside the home. Though they don’t use the specific term “home invasion,” a dude that breaks into your house with a weapon while someone is inside certainly falls into that category.

In that same year, the National Fire Protection Association reports 365,500 residential fires, resulting in 2,650 people dead and another 11,075 injured.

You’re nearly eight times more likely to have a fire in your home than experience a home invasion. It can get worse with the holiday season.

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