(Article originally published on Breach Bang Clear)

Just The Tip: Making Them Wet
Alexander Crown

It seems even in this modern day of unprecedented knowledge being produced every second, there is still a concept that’s difficult for people to grasp: making a silencer wet. I have been asked countless countless times in so many different ways, I genuinely feel this notion is less understood than mating techniques of the Red Billed Oxpecker and its utilization of African plains herbivores.

A brief summary on why you would want to souse your silencer: it makes it quieter. Good, we got that out of the way. What, you want to know how? Fine. The moisture of whatever you use will cool down the hot gasses significantly faster than a dry silencer, making it quieter for a period of time.

Wetting a silencer really only has one rule, don’t use flammable stuff.

That should be common sense, but our customer base has proven me wrong time and time again. So I’ll say it again: Don’t Use Flammable Stuff.

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