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Just The Tip: Optimizing the Drop Leg Holster System
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You should do what works for you, no matter what I say. But we can all agree (or at least most of us) that drop leg holsters aren’t the best platform for a pistol due to the lack of stability when compared to a belt or hip mounted system. They are, however, the only solution for certain circumstances, hence their existence.

JTT: Optimizing The Drop Leg Holster System

The low-ride belt mounted holster is what I prefer for a duty holster system. That is, if I was running a pistol without a weapon mounted light (WML). For work, I run a drop leg holster out of necessity for the following reasons:

First, I have a WML on my pistol, which increases the overall length of my weapon and requires more room to clear the holster. Second, I need my holster to clear if I have to throw on a plate carrier. Last, I’m a small guy (who can probably fit in children’s clothing) with a 30″ waistband and not a lot of real estate on my duty belt, and I use the extra space on my drop leg rig to attach a CAT-T Tourniquet.

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