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Just The Tip: Rando Range Aids
Jake “Slim” Call

Nothing sucks more than hitting the range and realizing you forgot something important. If you’re the type to learn from your mistakes, it probably won’t happen again. Today we’ll let you learn from some of our mistakes. In no particular order we’re going to show you some items beyond the basics (the basics being guns, ammo, ear/eyepro, and med gear) that we bring along to the range, and some tips to just make life a little easier.

JTT: Rando Range Aids

Spray Adhesive is your Friend
Faster than tape or a stapler, you can use spray adhesive to just throw a fresh target over your old one. 3M probably makes the most consistently-performing one.

Have a Bigassed Marker
…or paint pen. You know the kind that kids like to draw graffiti with. Use it to mark shots on a target, write drill times on cardboard, and scrawl on magazines that have gone bad.

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