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Just The Tip: RMR’s, 3 Ways [or More] to Fix the Flicker
Dave Merrill

If you’ve shot an RMR equipped handgun for any length of time, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced the dreaded flicker. What this amounts to is that your dot will dim, flicker, and sometimes outright disappear under recoil. This happens when the battery connection inside the optic doesn’t remain constant; a loose wire in a cellphone charging cable isn’t a terrible analogy.

JTT: RMR’s, 3 Ways to Fix the Flicker

It can be frustrating when it crops up, but thankfully we have multiple solutions available. All of them are relatively inexpensive, and some of them might not even violate your warranty. Let’s go through em’.

Start with Quality
As Benjamin Franklin notably once stated “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That can certainly apply to this situation. A “one size fits all” pistol MRDS mounting solution certainly sounds appealing, but you can run into some issues.

Though it’s better than it used to be, Trijicon RMR bodies aren’t sized perfectly uniformly. When the RMR was initially developed, it was meant to hang out on top of an ACOG or offset from a variable scope on a rifle, so variations in body size didn’t matter so much. However, when you’re recessing into a pistol slide, how precise the RMR fits can make a big difference.

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