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Just the Tip Tuesday: Suppressing the TAVOR

Put the X in FLEX

Mike the Mook

One of our favorite rifles to shoot is the Israeli TAVOR. Since its inception, this rifle has been adopted by over twenty countries in addition to Israel, including Brazil (where it is produced under license by Taurus), Columbia, Cameroon, Ukraine, India, Thailand, Vietnam and Guatemala.

JTT: Suppressing the TAVOR: put the X in FLEX

This bullpup has even been showing up in the United States among local SWAT teams such as the Pennsylvania Capitol Police, Nye County sheriff’s Office in Nevada, and the Lakewood, New Jersey, Police Department. Police agencies are choosing it due to its compact size for CQB and ease of storage in a vehicle. It has likewise been proven very popular with civilians as an alternative to the more traditional AR-15 platform.

JTT: Suppressing the TAVOR: put the X in FLEX

We picked ours up in late 2013, and from what we had heard from friends who served in the IDF (Israeli defense forces) we thought that it might just replace our beloved AR-15/M4 series as a go-to rifle. While it performed well, it just never completely fit that role for us.

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