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JTT: Use the Right Tool
Fifty Shades of FDE

Stubbornness is a characteristic we all have. Some have more than others, especially when it comes to the shooting community (myself included). That stubbornness and resistance to change leads us to place nifty little gadgets are under a lot of scrutiny before we even try them.

One little tool I avoided until recently is the Maglula Uplula Speed Loader for pistols. I just never gave the thing a chance. I’ve seen it at the range and at classes over the years, and always asked myself, Why do I need a tool when I can load my pistol mags the same way I’ve always loaded them?

JTT: Use the Right Tool

Last year, a good friend who was a new shooter got an Uplula and told me how great it is. The following week, he traded me an extra one for some ammo. Now I’m a believer. I’ve taken it to several classes and every range trip since then. The Uplula loads pretty much all the pistol mags out there that really matter, 9mm to .45 acp. It doesn’t work on .22lr pistol mags, but those have never been a problem for your thumbs.

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