I want to take this time to introduce myself to everyone here before I release my first of many articles. I will be writing here as Juliet 1 and I’m looking forward to fielding any questions you all might have. I will have to remain anonymous throughout this process because of the sensitivity of my career.  My articles will primarily consist of sniper related subjects. Those subjects will be comprised of the art of sniping, precision shooting, and all the cool toys that are used in those communities. I am sure I will get into many other subjects along the way that I am intimately familiar with, but these are the subjects that I like to discuss. The reason I like to kick around these subjects is because I can’t think of anything that is as bad ass as smoking targets with precision accuracy from long distances.  The bottom line is: I love to shoot s**t from long range.

What makes me qualified? I am a former Marine Corps Scout Sniper. I deployed to a few AOs in my time with the Marine Corps and conducted more than a few combat operations. I currently deploy in a similar capacity as government contractor. I won’t get into many subjects that have to do with that due to the sensitivity of my job, but I will say that for the last 8 years I have been living and working in the Middle East more than I have been in States. I work side by side with many different elements of the special operations community and I have had the privilege to serve with some of the finest individuals our country has to offer. I also currently compete in my off time in Tactical Steel competitions mainly to keep my skills sharp. So the bottom line is, amongst other things, I know a thing or two about precision marksmanship. I don’t claim to know everything, so I am all ears if any of you have anything to share with me. So feel free to educate me and our viewers if you have something to offer. We welcome it!!

I look forward to presenting you all with some informative information and be on the lookout for my first article, I hope you enjoy it.

Juliet 1