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I’m terrible at selling. Not to say that I’m a bad salesman, but that I pretty much never sell anything. Color me lazy, but generally I just don’t like the hassle. Every once in a while some higher priced items get sold to fund something else, but the minor tidbits you accumulate along the way? Donated, gifted, or stored is the order or the day.

Over the years I’m accumulated a certain amount of betwixt gear. That is, items which can still be useful but have become outdated. And unless you’re a Buddhist Monk or a weirdo like Steve Jobs, if you’ve been shooting or training for while you’re likely in the same boat.

I’ve been using Surefire lights for almost half my life, and my junk drawer demonstrates this. I’ve run lights from the old not-so-bright (by today’s standards) incandescent Millennium series to the slightly brighter 6P’s and E2’s and G2’s, to M300’s and M600’s, and no doubt will run whatever comes next. Task lights have gotten smaller and brighter. Weapon lights got smaller and brighter then larger again. No matter how you cut it, I have a lot of little parts and pieces.

So what to do?

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