We really like the ASP Key Defender OC spray. We like the size, the form factor, and the ability to switch between “hot” OC spray and “test” practice spray. We’ve since purchased dedicated ASP Key Defenders for force on force usage, but you can easily swap out live and practice spray canisters.

A combination of factors necessitates a slight adjustment to the OC spray insert for the ASP Key Defender. This won’t apply to everyone, but if it applies to you, the following information is important.

If you carry an ASP Key Defender (and only the Key size)

  1. and you carry it inside of your front pockets
  2. and you use a Kydex carrier for it
  3. and the carrier is mounted to Chris Fry’s PocketShield sold by Raven Concealment

then you will need to trim the nozzle by 1/16″ to avoid a slow discharge of the chemical irritant

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Photo courtesy of Short Barrel Shepherd