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JTT: Press Checks
Tom Marshall

My favorite argument against press checks goes something like this: “You shouldn’t have to press check! You should always know the condition of your weapon!

But…how do we verify the condition of our weapon? Hint: it rhymes with dress necks.

Personally, I’m a fan of the press check. Not only does it verify the condition of your weapon, it also verifies the function of your weapon. If you insert a magazine and rack the slide, is your weapon now loaded? Maybe. Was the magazine seated properly? Have the springs taken a set or started to sag? Is your feed ramp clean, lubricated and—for that matter—properly cut at the factory? Because any of these things could leave you with an empty chamber, regardless of how hard you power-stroke that slide. Now the question is, would you rather find out with a press check, or with a very inconvenient click when a threat prevents itself?

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