If you’ve read the Loadout Room for any period of time you know we are staffed by vets. Tons of vets, Army Rangers, Green Berets, Air Force Engineers, SERE Specialists, and of course Marines. As a veteran owned and operated company we always like to help our fellow veterans. Today we want to highlight The K Bar Soap Co and the wide variety of products they offer.

Owned and Operated by a Marine Veteran K Bar Soap Co offers their customers superior soaps, beard oils, and even combs. Their products are named after famed Marine Corps slang and references to Marine Corps Culture. Of course, what catches your eye is the design.

K Bar Soap Co: Ditch the Bar Grab a Grenade

A standard bar of soap is boring. a little rectangle of cleanliness works, but wouldn’t a grenade do a bit better? K Bar Soap Co forms their soap into the shape of the old school frag grenade. Does your soap need to look like a frag grenade? No, but let’s face it, looking cool is half the battle.

The K Bar Soap Co

Now I can only say so much about K Bar Soap Co, instead, I’ll let them take the lead.

The K Bar Soap Company name came naturally from life experience, and scents inspired from my time spent in the Marine Corps. All scent names were based on sayings or concepts that were permanently scarred into memory during those 4 years of my life; names that will resonate throughout not only the Veteran community, but with all men. Men who have the desire to treat their skin the best they can without having to borrow some of their wife’s lavender and chamomile scented mess will appreciate our products. It was our goal to bring these bars to life and give each their own personality, not just scents. These distinctively different personalities/scents would appeal to the masses of men who should make the decision to use an all natural soap, and still allow them to keep every one of their man cards while doing so.

It is our goal to give back to the Veteran community, and to one day be big enough in order to be able to employ, empower, and inspire Veterans across this great American land we like to call home.

It’s time to abandon the idea of using cheap, mainstream bar soap and get your hands on a grenade to treat your skin the way it deserves to be treated. Cold-processed soaps naturally produce glycerin, which is typically removed from mainstream soaps to be utilized in other more profitable areas. This is a great moisturizer that is left in cold process hand made soap but is replaced with chemicals in mass produced ones that can oftentimes dry out skin and leave you feeling flaky and nasty. If you haven’t tried an all natural bar of soap, you should start now with us and feel the difference. We have a strong feeling you won’t be disappointed.

When you purchase a bar from us, you will be getting a superior and all natural product that will not disappoint. The K Bar Soap company has worked hard to differentiate itself from other players in this space, and it is an experience you will not soon forget. We hope you are absolutely thrilled with the performance of our product and how long it lasts, and allow us the opportunity to be your primary soap supplier. We promise to continue to make this in small batches and keep quality consistent for as long as we are in business.

Semper Fi,