If I were a Twitter Soy boy, I’d do that thing where I type a phrase over and over until I run out of characters, and that phrase would be “Support Veteran Owned Companies.” But I’m not so I won’t. Instead, I’m going to tell you a bit about a veteran-owned company called the K Bar Soap Company. The K Bar Soap company is a Marine veteran owned company out of South Carolina. The K Bar Soap Company was sweet enough to send me a sampler pack of their many different scents, and I’ve been hooked.

The K Bar Soap Company - Frag Out
Frag Out?

The K Bar Soap Sampler

Inside the Soap Sampler is 11 one ounce bars of soap. Each bar will get you about 4 or 5 days worth of use depending on how much you lather. The scents included are:

Opha Mae
Chest Candy
F*ck Bugs
Fluster Cuck
Cash Sales
Salt Dog
Napalm in the Am
Ricky Recon
Whiskey and Bad Decisions

The K Bar Soap Company - Frag Out
Sampler Opened (Missing one)

One of the good things about being a veteran and buying from vets is the inside jokes and if you’ve served you likely get the above references. These aren’t just names, but clever titles that do a decent job of describing what’s in the soap. For example, Opha Mae, named for the first female Marine, is slightly feminine with a hint of lavender and oatmeal.

Reveille and Napalm in the AM are strong and powerful smells that wake you up. Then you have Ricky Recon that’s scentless in case you’re just not into smelling good. Each soap has a distinct scent, and of the 11 I like all of them. Although I have some standouts….

K Bar Soap Standouts

Whiskey and Bad Decisions – This one is a reluctant favorite, so some time Firewatch was my favorite, then Napalm in the AM, but Whiskey and Bad Decisions is the one I feel most drawn to. Maybe because they toss in Leadslingers Whiskey? Who knows but I love it.

The K Bar Soap Company - Frag Out

Firewatch – THe first I used and as you notice its missing from the photos, it was all gone before I realized maybe I should take a couple of pictures. It even has a hint of Lavender to help you get to sleep once your watch is over.

Napalm in the AM – This is my favorite morning shower blend. Right after my workout I strap in for the day and start smelling good. Napalm in the AM is terrific at waking you up and gently glides you from shower to coffee to productivity.

The K Bar Soap Company - Frag Out

F*ck Bugs – This one isn’t my favorite smelling, but keeps bugs away. I live in Florida, yes technically its fall, but in reality its second summer here. Bugs are still present, and the F*ck Bugs bar keeps them away pretty damn well. It’s not all day protection if you are working and sweating but its way better than applying sticky ass bug spray.

The K Bar Soap Company - Frag Out

Ricky Recon – How does a no scented soap make the list? Because bow season just started, and you want to be clean, but you also want to minimize your scent. I appreciate a high-quality soap that is fragrance-free.

What’s in K Bar Soap?

K Bar Soap is an all natural product that using cold soap process. It leaves the glycerin in, which acts as a natural moisturizer. Compared to other bar soaps I use I can see a difference. This is especially true when it comes to my face. It helps well with beard dandruff, which gets rough this time of year. The soap leaves my skin feeling great and as soap does it jobs well. It does very well when it comes to cleaning carbon and grease off my hands after a day of gun cleaning.

The K Bar Soap Company - Frag Out
Ka Bar and K Bar

K Bar Soap is a lot different than the cheap, shitty bar soaps you can get at Wal Mart. It’s still affordable, and if you buy it outside the sampler, it comes as 7.62 ounces of freedom in grenade form. You can find K Bar Soap here, and let us know what you think below.