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KE Arms Glock 19 Bravo: Made to Make Ready
Breach Bang Freddy Osuna

Feeding, chambering, locking, firing, unlocking, extracting, ejecting, cocking, and the beat goes on!

The Glock is made to function. As the most commonly employed slide operated pistol in law enforcement as well as major competition circuits, Glock is a proven, trusted tool. So why do we see so many manufacturers attempting to improve on such a proven model?

The answer: operator preference and performance! It is absolutely necessary to explore your own options and preferences for any tool which may save your life. Yes the base model is fit, but why settle when in an extremely competitive buyer’s market you can vastly improve a base model Glock? These improvements range from aftermarket triggers to serrated slides and other internals. KE Arms is one such manufacturer providing a nice line of these Glock products, along with their regular fare of other firearms products.

KE Arms Glock 19 Bravo: Made to Make Ready

Last October I was introduced to KE Arms when I mentioned I was in the market for a G19. As an Arizona native I was excited to learn of another AZ based outfit presumably doing good work. Shortly afterward, I was sent a K.E. Arms G19 with Bravo slide for review. For five months I’ve had the K.E. G19 Bravo with Triicon RMR. Of the three types of slides K.E. Arms produces, I received the mid-level “Bravo” slide. Features include front & rear cocking serrations, an oversized front sight to clear a suppressor, and machining to accept a K.E. Arms RMR cover plate (included).

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