It’s not a bad time to be a gun enthusiast in our industry. The recently infamous (again) AR15 rifle (or as we like to call it, adult Lego set) has never been more modular or given shooters more options for parts and accessories. Every company is seemingly content to carry on in rodomontade about their “new” geometry, space-age coating, or otherwise remanufacturing the same parts as everyone else. Designing something new for the platform takes engineering and testing, not just some quick CAD work and to push print. While the pretty CNC work and anodizing may help aesthetically, two parts in any AR15 genuinely affect performance more than any other; the trigger and the barrel.

Happily, KE Arms set out to improve the trigger. They have addressed of the few shortfalls of what was available on the market with their SLT-1 trigger.

Released the beginning of last year, I was able to get my hands on one and have been shooting it in a Radical Firearms test gun ever since. I’m not typically one to post a “review” without actually putting some hard use on something, so I’ve been working on this for a while. In fact, KE Arms has since released newer version of the trigger, but I can still pass on how the SLT1 performed over the past year.

KE Arms outlines the benefits and features of the SLT-1 trigger as;


– There is no disconnector for the hammer to drive through, thus creating a more efficient cycle of the bolt simply pushing the hammer out of the way as the gun fires.

– Forces of the bolt on the hammer are not transmitted into any other components of the trigger assembly.

– Constant sear engagement against the hammer means the trigger is always ready to reset and fire.

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