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Keanu Reeves – Serious Shooter
Sara Liberte

It’s all fun and games until John Wick shows up on the range with you. Less so if you’ve done something to piss him off.

It started with a motorcycle trip. The Quail Motorcycle Gathering is near Monterey, which was my destination. Before going I checked in with old instructor/friend Fred Ruiz to see if there were any shooting classes in the vicinity during the timeframe I was to be there. He put me in touch with another friend, Johnny Law, who wondered if I might be interested in spending the day with Taran Butler.

Why, yes. Yes I would.

Butler is a thirteen time Multi-Gun national champion, and the man behind Taran Tactical Innovations. Turns out he was going to be in the area, as was Keanu Reeves. The Quail Motorcycle Gathering is a unique show featuring a number of pristine classic and vintage motorcycles as well as new models, and there are always a number of “motorcycle dignitaries” present. Reeves is one of those; many people are unaware that approximately five years ago he started the Arch Motorcycle Company with talented motorcycle builder Gard Hollinger.

Arch Motorcycles had a few bikes on display and Reeves was on site, speaking with everyone from those interested in the motorcycle brand to those who just wanted to snap a selfie with John Wick (or Neo, or Tod Higgins, or Tom Ludlow, or …). Like most of you and about 7 million other people, I’d seen the video of Keanu just killin’ it on the range while training for the John Wick sequel. You know, this one.

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