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Monday Night Knife Fights: Keen Insight I – Folding Knives For Fun and Fighting

by Jake “Slim” Call and Richard Kilgore

1. Jake Hoback Knives MK ULtra Second Run

This isn’t so much a new product announcement as it is a, “Hey dude, do you want ’em to do these?

Keen Insight I – Folding Knives For Fun and Fighting

Last Jake Hoback Knives they did a limited run of MK Ultras in anodized aluminum with a natural finish. Right now they’re trying to decide if anyone would be interested in another limited run, this time in William Gregor‘s Titanium. They’re apparently looking at a variety of finished, including DLC (Diamond Like Coating) Black Fallout, DLC Black, and Camo.

The MK Ultra in any material/color combo is JHK’s smallest knife yet (you can see it in the picture compared to their Kwaiback). It has a Ti frame (.125 in. thick), with a blade that will be equally…well, thin. They type of steel to be used has yet to be decided. Overall length is 6.25 in., blad length is 2.5in., closed length is 3.6 in., and weight will likely be in the vicinity of 1.9 oz. You’ll be able to carry it tip up, right- or wrong-handed.  It’ll have pivot thrust bearings (*snicker*), hardened stainless bearing races, standard sized screws for ease of replacement, the Hoback lock insert, and 17-4 pivots and standoffs (which have a +.0002 tolerance, just like your mom).

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