True story. My buddy told his wife to break her shoes in before their trip to Israel but she didn’t. Once they were in country her feet hurt everywhere they went. They did a lot of walking in order to see the landmarks. Right about the third day of the trip her feet were in agony because of blisters. They decided to get her a new pair of shoes. Every store was closed but one. The only open shop in the city had a clerk trying to put away hundreds of boxes of shoe merchandise before sunset. He told them, “If you help me put these away I’ll help you find something.”

A few hundred boxes later the only thing they were able to get her fitted for were kid’s shoes. You know the kind of shoes with baubles, shiny plastic and heels which light up red when you walk? Yeah, that kind, but at least her feet didn’t hurt any longer.

Keen Targhee II Mid Hiking Boots

The Keen Targhee are good boots. They are a bit clunky looking in my book but for their reasonable price and the functionality it’s something many people can overlook when considering this model. To me, the boxy look reminds me of the old-style, white New Balance sneakers that old guys like my dad wears with slacks to Walmart and Costco. Never you mind, the boots are good to go, and the Keen Targhee II Mid will serve you well.

For an affordable boot they will provide you comfort, cost savings, function and reasonable durability. That’s not bad for around $110.00-$130.00

They are a bit stiff out of the box and need a little break in period but after that they are excellent for walking in. The boots will loosen up between the collar and heel and will create natural flex points. I’ve heard it mentioned the shoes irritate some user’s ankles. Try them on at a store if you can. I was undecided on the boot version or the shoe. I finally chose the boot.

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