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High Threat Concealment has tacked on another addition to its modular gun belt lineup with the Quick Response System (QRS), a scalable rig that lets you keep your most vital equipment at the ready.

The QRS comes with a Vantage OWB holster; built-to-order three-piece magazine panel and two-piece 1.75-inch Tactical Cobra Belt that includes a 1.75-inch under-belt and a removable Micro Grip Panel. As the press release notes, this should keep you prepped when you need to deal with a threat.

When every second counts, you need quick and easy access to your guns and ammo. AustriAlpin’s fast-attach/quick-release Cobra Buckle helps you accomplish just that in mere seconds, High Threat Concealment says. When paired with the Micro Grip Panel, the system secures around your waist without the need for an under-belt or pant belt loops to keep it stabilized while protecting your skin and clothes from the interior Velcro hook lining. For added stability, the under-belt can be used in place of the Micro Grip. It locks the equipment into place without having to use belt keepers.

Users can also make life easier by upgrading the standard under-belt to HTC’s Everyday Tactical Belt, which lets you quickly attach and detach the QRS. It can also be worn by itself as an EDC belt. The QRS also works with HTC’s Low Pro belt if you need maximum concealment. These belts come in both black and coyote tan.

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Photo courtesy of Tactical Life

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