The Kershaw Barstow is an excellent example that form can follow function. Sure, we don’t need our gear to look pretty. We just want it to work. If it just so happens to look slick and work you are batting 1,000. The Kershaw Barstow is an interesting little folding knife that aims to stand out while it works out.

The Kershaw Knives Barstow | First Look

Specs – Emerson Barstow

Blade – 3 inches
Closed Length – 4 inches
Overall Length – 7 Inches
Weight – 3.4 Ounces

The Barstow features a spear point blade with a single edge. Because it’s a flipper a second blade runs the risk of you know, slicing a finger open. The blade features a deep blood groove and subdued company markings. I can’t stand when a company puts their name as a billboard across their gear. I’m not touching on my favorite aspect of the blade, the blackwash finish.

The Kershaw Knives Barstow | First Look

I really loved it on my Kershaw Link and the finish looks just as good on my Kershaw Barstow. This one of the many touches that makes the knife look as good as it performs. The blade has one functional flipper and one false flipper just due to how the knife is designed. Inside the flippers is the tube spacers which are anodized blue. It’s a small, and subtle touch that looks amazing.

Get a Grip

The grip is glass filled nylon that is of course black. The grip texture is a chevron or arrowhead pattern to increase grip and give the grips a comfortable and efficient pattern. Overall it’s a small, but an efficient knife that feels comfortable in the hand so far. Overall the Kershaw Barstow looks fantastic and feels fantastic. It’ll ride in my EDC for a bit and we’ll have a full review here at the Loadout Room.

The Kershaw Knives Barstow | First Look

If the readers have any suggestions to test this the Kershaw Barstow let us know below.