I’ve used Kershaw knives a time or two and even reviewed one HERE. I’ve always been satisfied with the way they perform, and haven’t many, or really any issues with them. I have never really paid that much attention to how a knife looks until now. The Kershaw Blackwash Series looks quite nice. In particular, I got my hands on the Kershaw Link. The Link has a gray aluminum handle, this gives it an industrial appearance that is aesthetically pleasing. It stands out, but at the same time, it’s subdued. The Kershaw Link has a Blackwash finish blade.

Kershaw Link Blackwash | First Look

The Kershaw Link

The Blackwash oxide coating serves both form and function. The aged appearance is unique and it looks like your knife has been in a fight or two a hundred years ago. It doesn’t look worn, or brittle, just well used and well-loved. The Kershaw Link simply has a unique appearance, like a well-worn and well-loved pair of jeans.

In the hand. it has a nice solid feel to it. No doubt due to the all metal construction. It’s comfortable in the hand and grips are rounded in all the important areas. It keeps things from digging in and causing pain during heavy use.


Kershaw Link Blackwash | First Look

Sharp Enough

The Kershaw Link also features Kershaw’s speed safe opening. A simple small amount of pressure applied to the back of the knife sends it flying out of the handle. This one-handed opening design is both efficient, safe, and legal almost everywhere.

The blade length is 3.25 inches and comes in two varieties, one being a normal straight blade and the other having a partially serrated blade. The tip is a drop point and the lock is a liner lock. It’s a well-constructed knife, or at least appears to be, in the next few weeks it will actually replace my Griff as my personal everyday carry knife. It will be odd going back to a fixed blade, but fun at the same time. 

As a final note the knife has an American flag laser etched and the model number is 1776GRYBWST. If that doesn’t make you feel American then nothing will.

Kershaw Link Blackwash | First Look