Growing up, I hated coffee. I remember waking up in the morning to the aroma of coffee because my mom had it every morning. I once told her that I would never drink that crap. Fast forward a few years to my enlistment into the Marine Corps. Once out of bootcamp, Marine combat training, and following my assignment to my unit, I soon learned how nice that cup of coffee was on a cold morning in the field. I didn’t care how it tasted; I wanted to warm myself up. The rest is history. Frankly, every man should know how to brew a decent cup of coffee.

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The Black Rifle Coffee Company is a veteran-owned and run business. Being that it is run by veterans, they know how to brew a cup of coffee—the kind that will put hair on a baby’s butt. Both owners are veterans of the Army Special Forces and both believe that they have developed the perfect coffee for the military and veteran community. They have developed several blends of coffee to appeal to any coffee connoisseur.

Black Rifle Coffee Company Blends
Black Rifle Coffee Company blends

If you’ve been on the hunt for that perfect blend of coffee, look no further. If you’re asking yourself why you should go with the Black Rifle Coffee Company, consider these important benefits:

  • You’ll be supporting an American small business
  • You’ll be supporting the veteran community
  • You’ll be supporting your 2nd Amendment rights

Start your day off with a nice hot cup of American-made whoop-ass!

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