The early years of World War Two were pretty grim. 1942 was a low point for the Allies, the Germans controlled Europe and most of North Africa; they were at the gates of Moscow. The Japanese controlled much of Asia and their fleets roamed the Pacific.

The US Army trained almost four million men between 1942 and 1943. These were desperate times and the outcome of the war was uncertain. We needed to harden up civilians and crush the Axis.

Training films played a large role in the education and indoctrination of new Soldiers. It an interesting bit of time travel to see the same films those new recruits saw in 1943. The films did the job, America came out of WW2 in first place.

Combat: “Kill Or Be Killed” 1943 War Department World War II US Army Training Film

US Army Training Film TF7-1266, Infantry Weapons and their effects. This training film shows virtually all the weapons and ammunition used by the US Army in WWII and how they are being used most efficiently.

We owe the greatest generation a debt of gratitude.

Photo courtesy of the US Army