Kingdom Armory has just released the Rook, a knife that repositions Spyderco’s trademarked Round Hole to offer a new benefit. David Rydbom, founder of Kingdom Armory optimized the Rook’s Round Hole placement on the blade to make middle finger flicking (also known as Spydie Flicking) easier and more intuitive. Following a strong response on social media, Rydbom says he plans on incorporating the knife into his standard catalog going forward.

The Spydie Flick is a technique for deploying a blade with Spyderco’s Round Hole that takes some practice to master. Users pinch a knife in their hand and flick it open using their middle finger on the blind side of the blade. The method has been growing in popularity, with multiple ‘how-to’ videos on YouTube and other media. “I discovered there are tons of videos of guys opening knives this way,” says Rydbom. “I thought, ‘Why is nobody building something specifically for that?’”

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Photo courtesy of Knife News