It’s really hard to dig into the subject of gloves. They’re like shoes. Pick any intended use, and you get a million and one of them of every size, shape, style, and design. For most types of wear and work, the designs are pretty well thought out. Materials vary depending on your intended purposes, and options are included to protect against cuts, scrapes, or broken knuckles should your hands slip. When it comes to kit for the warfighter, however, whispers of “tactical” applications suddenly drive companies mad designing specialized gloves that leave me wondering whether they’re marketing to soldiers or to Batman.  It is in this arena where separating the wheat from the chaff becomes much more difficult.

PIGing Out

I went through a lot of gloves before I found the PIG Full Dexterity Tactical gloves. When I first started, I right away rejected any gloves that included special plastic or kevlar molded knuckle guards. I figured that while shooting in competition or training, or even in use on the street, having a hunk of plastic banging around and adding to the thickness of my hand would hinder more than help.  Stick to the basics. Very few of the gloves I tried out below the $50 price point did the basics well. Many used poor quality materials, did not flex well, or just weren’t durable over the long haul.

When I received my pair of PIG gloves, the first thing I noticed were the joints in the fingers. This, I thought, was important because these simple additions increased the flexibility of the fingers, allowing me to wear the proper size of glove without restricting movement. I found that with these gloves, I could perform fine dexterity tasks with ease, making work in the shop or doing quick fixes on the small parts of guns a no brainer without having to uncover.

The construction overall was impressive as well. Heavy-duty nylon and genuine leather offered great protection against scuffs and scrapes, cuts, and the genuine rigors of every day life. The knuckles weren’t overlooked, either. Utilizing a padded panel over the knuckles gives plenty of padding without adding too much extra to the bulk of the glove.  Even the venting perforations in the leather to keep the palms cool and dry were a wonderful afterthought, making these gloves comfortable to wear even on hot days.

Last but certainly not least, the use of a loop of paracord to aid in putting on these gloves is probably the biggest thing I never knew I needed. Gone are the days of gripping at the wristband and trying to pull on the glove or awkwardly squirming my hand around to slide on tighter pairs of gloves.

Bottom Line

While writing reviews of gloves is a bit like reviewing pants, it’s important to note that a pair of gloves I expected to throw into my pile of range gloves have become my go-to gloves for just about every project from yard work to range work.   At 34.95, they’re not the cheapest option, but they’re also much better priced than many of the so-called “Tactical” gloves on the market. I give these gloves a solid 10, with no downsides that I can think of.

Stay Safe and Shoot Straight