When I was younger I thought my joints were invincible. Sure, I’ve fractured a few bones: femur, sternum, left radius and ulna, and right radius and ulna twice. When I fractured my sternum I hit my kneecap so hard on the top sheet of my skis, I though I had fractured that as well. Fortunately, it was only a bone contusion and from then on I was sure I had knees of steel.

In Ranger Battalion, I would forgo wearing knee pads during regular training. I only wore knee pads on missions since I knew I could end up being on a knee for a prolonged period of time. It was really more a reason of comfort than of protecting my body and wellbeing. I was always told horror stories of someone not wearing kneepads and shattering a kneecap while bounding during training or a firefight. Fast forward a decade and I finally realized my knees weren’t invincible when a subluxation (partial dislocation) of my patella occurred – thinking I was 20 years old again and charging a little too hard.

Black Diamond Telekneesis Turns
Getting some great turns on spring corn snow while wearing the Black Diamond Telekneesis knee pads.

The last thing I want is a shattered patella and I know the Black Diamond Telekneesis will provide the desired knee protection. Whether skiing, climbing, operating in a hostile environment, or training at the range, the protection and comfort is outstanding.

The high impact shell is very durable and separates between the three panels, so you don’t have to worry about the shell cracking after repeated flexing. The thin padding layer behind the shell is cushion enough to absorb the energy of a hard impact, yet is light enough to not make your legs sweat profusely like some larger knee pads. The low-profile nature of this knee protection also allows you to wear the pads under or over a pair of pants.

Knee Protection Black Diamond Telekneesis Product
(Image courtesy: blackdiamondequipment.com)

As for movement, I’ve worn the Black Diamond Telekneesis knee protection for over 12 hours without having to make one adjustment. This is primarily due to their light weight (220 grams/pair on my personal scale) and the two different straps. With their quick adjustment buckles, getting the right fit with the upper elastic and lower static nylon strap is a breeze. With the right fit, I forget I’m wearing knee pads and have yet to encounter constriction to my legs when kneeling.

Bottom Line: 

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Overall, there really isn’t anything I can say negative about the Black Diamond Telekneesis knee pads. If you are in search of a set of knee pads to set and forget, these are worth every penny of the $49.95 MSRP. Not only do these pads protect the patella, but they also provide full protection to the patella tendon and the upper tibia. There are lighter and stronger knee pads out there, but I have yet to find one set that will do everything I need like the Black Diamond Telekneesis.

The Black Diamond Telekneesis knee pads can be purchased directly through Black Diamond’s website or other online retailers.